The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has partnered with RVtravel.com and veteran RV travel writer Chuck Woodbury to produce a consumer education program for buyers of recreational vehicles.
According to a press release, the 50-minute DVD titled “Buying a Recreational Vehicle” addresses the fact that purchasing an RV is second to buying a home among lifetime expenditures for many Americans.
“There are a lot of mistakes a new RVer can make when buying a motorhome or travel trailer,” said host Woodbury, who also operates RVbookstore.com where the DDV is available for $19.95. “We spend a lot of time in this DVD addressing all the points an RV buyer needs to know to end up with the right RV at the right price, and avoid making some classic buying mistakes.”
“Buying a Recreational Vehicle” focuses on different types, sizes and floorplans of RVs and the differences between gas and diesel models.
“The information we provide is based on the millions of calls the Better Business Bureau has received through the years about RVs,” said Woodbury. “Many of the callers are looking for buying information, but, sadly, many are about deals gone wrong. The aim of this BBB video is to educate consumers so they don’t end up stuck with the wrong RV or a financing deal that can lead to a financial nightmare down the road.”
Some of the tips covered in the DVD include a caution against buying RVs from parking lots or campgrounds; making certain the previous owner has a verifiable address; not to be rushed by the seller; and spending several hours in an RV acting out a living routine.
“Many 6-foot tall guys have bought an RV without stepping inside the shower first,” said Woodbury. “On their first trip, they learn that they can’t fit without banging their heads.”
Woodbury notes that a buyer of a used RV should check carefully for water damage and dry rot, as both are deceptively expensive to repair, and to always call the BBB for a reliability report on a dealer before signing a contract.