Arizona’s Beaudry Motor Group has acquired a car dealership in Benson, Ariz., and it might open an RV dealership in Benson, a community along I-10 about 45 miles southeast of Tucson, according to The Arizona Daily Star.
Tucson-based Beaudry now owns 11 auto dealerships, three RV dealerships and one RV resort.
Bob Beaudry, chairman and president of Beaudry Motors, decided to buy the Chevrolet/Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge dealership in Benson because “it is not that far away from the development that’s going in out east (of Tucson),” Beaudry said. “The people who live there might want to come to Benson to look at the cars there.”
An RV dealership on the northwest side of Benson is a possibility, he told The Daily Star.