Arizona dealer Beaudry RV is helping the victims of this summer’s wildfire near Tucson with discounted motorhomes, according to the Arizona Daily Star.
Among the Summerhaven, Ariz., residents using RVs as temporary housing are Judy and Michael Lefton, the newspaper reported.
After saving for 17 years to buy their dream house in the Catalina Mountains in 1997, then spending the next five years renovating it, the Leftons lost their cabin June 19 when the Aspen fire roared through Carter Canyon.
Now, with help from insurers and Tucson area dealer Beaudry RV, the Leftons and at least six other Summerhaven residents are living in motorhomes they bought for only 5% above dealer cost.
Beaudry RV also is offering to repurchase the Summerhaven residents’ motorcoaches in a year, after subtracting depreciation, which usually ranges from 20% to 25%, the Daily Star reported.
“It’s worked out grand, and it just gives us a good feeling,” said John Day, Beaudry RV’s corporate insurance manager.
Day, who is also an insurance agent, said he had done something similar in Florida, where hurricanes prompted RV dealers and insurers to team up.
It takes some extra paperwork, but insurance companies like the arrangement because it’s cheaper than paying a policyholder to lease an RV or other housing, Day said.