logoBeaudry RV, a nationally prominent RV dealer with two sales and service dealerships in Arizona, obtained the approval of its plan of reorganization by all of its lenders on Thursday (June 25). Formal bankruptcy court approval is expected to follow upon proper documentation over the next two to three weeks.

“This reflects major changes in management, structure, spending and inventory coupled with an aggressive and well-thought-out future business and marketing strategy which Beaudry RV believes will enable it to be ‘Still The One’ to provide product and service indefinitely in the future as a leaner and more competitive market force,” according to a news release.

“Employees of Tucson and Phoenix sales and service locations, as well as Tucson RV Resort employees are excited about the announcement and look forward to maintaining a committed energy and alignment with the Arizona community and their national customer base,” the company stated in the release.

Beaudry RV, one of the largest U.S. RV dealers, is believed to be the first RV dealer to exit Chapter 11 filings successfully. Chapter 11 provides the ability to restructure business operations for survival in difficult financial times.

CEO Thomas Sylvester said, “Now, it’s not business as usual, but business better than usual. Customer satisfaction has always been the goal of Beaudry RV; it remained the goal during the seven-month bankruptcy process and it will be our top priority for the future. This positively affects families and friends all through Arizona and beyond and we’re extremely pleased to now have a strong financial foundation in place to support our outstanding customers, products and employees.”

General Manager Dundee Kelbel is also excited about the announcement that was made to all the Beaudry employees on Friday morning.

“Beaudry RV has been a household name for years and the product line and customer service here at Beaudry RV is not going to change,” Kelbel said. “The economy threw us a curve but we’ve been working on a plan for months at Beaudry without sacrifice of quality products and our relationships with our customers. Operations are moving forward. I’m excited, the staff is excited and we’re glad to see this come to fruition.”

Established in 1972, the Beaudry RV tradition began with the philosophy of offering new and used RV buyers the best products available with excellent customer service. Since its start in an old converted Gulf Oil service station, Beaudry RV has grown to become one of the largest RV dealers in the nation. Today, Beaudry RV operates sales and service in two locations in Arizona, Tucson and Chandler, as well as an RV Resort and state-of-the-art RV Collision Center in Tucson.