Best Parks of America Inc. (BPA), a marketing cooperative for upscale RV parks and campgrounds, has launched an affiliate program enabling independent campgrounds and RV resorts to market themselves under the Best Parks of America brand name.
The affiliate program is designed to help independent parks increase their marketing reach beyond their immediate area.
“I think the major benefit of branding on a national basis is simply to gain wider exposure and to help build top-of-mind awareness for a single park as part of a larger group,” reports Best Parks founder David Gorin, noting 18 parks are currently part of the Best Parks network. “When you go to BPA parks, you’ll find promotional material about the other 17. It helps identify an independent park in the minds of consumers and hopefully will help raise awareness.”
The program costs affiliated parks $2,000 a year, with a two-year minimum commitment, plus a one-time initiation fee of $1,000. Best Parks affiliates receive listings on the Best Parks rack card and in the Best Parks directory, and are promoted on the cooperative’s website.
The affiliate program is the latest initiative announced by the McLean, Va.-based marketing group. Best Parks in December announced plans to acquire 12 to 18 parks over the next two years.