Best Parks in America Inc., which has spent the past two years marketing premium RV parks and campgrounds under the “Best Parks in America” brand name, plans to enhance its growth trajectory and strengthen its market presence by acquiring 12 to 18 parks over the next two years.
“Our objective is to transition Best Parks in America into a more prominent brand in the industry that owns and operates a collection of parks and also has affiliates that work with us,” said Best Parks President David Gorin.
McLean, Va.-based Best Parks is also rolling out a new licensing program through which qualifying parks may join the Best Parks system with reduced affiliation and advertising fees. “We’re not quite a franchise yet,” Gorin said, “but we realize it’s incredibly important to have a large network of parks around the country, and the best way to do that is to modify the Best Parks in America affiliation program so that more parks can access it at a more reasonable cost and to supplement that by buying and operating our own parks.”
Gorin, a campground industry consultant and former president of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), said Best Parks is working with several different investor groups to obtain the necessary capital for park acquisitions. “We hope to be able to start seriously acquiring parks in the next 120 days,” he said. “We’ve got a strategy of the kind of parks we want to buy. We don’t want to get into a bidding war with companies that are out there buying big parks and so on.”
Gorin said he hopes to eventually grow Best Parks into a national network with 75 to 100 affiliated parks. “I think eventually Best Parks will be a boutique, high-end product, not vast in terms of size, but it will provide real high quality service, real high quality facilities and, frankly, probably a real high price,” he said.
In addition to posting high ratings in the major campground directories, qualifying Best Parks of America parks are expected to pass muster on biennial Best Parks of America visits, utilize consistent systemwide amenity packages, maintain a minimum number of short-stay sites, offer a quality website and active e-mail and participate in a systemwide, 24/7 real-time reservation system.
Best Parks member parks receive Best Parks signage and logos for use in promotional materials and listings in print and Internet directories of Best Parks member campgrounds.
Current Best Parks members include Ozark Travel Park, Ozark, Ala.; Rincon Country RV Resort, Tucson, Ariz.; Cherry Hill Park, College Park, Md.; Sundermeier RV Park, St. Charles, Mo.; Chocorua Camping, Chocorua, N.H.; Skyway Camping Resort, Greenfield Park, N.Y.; Lake George Escape; Lake George, N.Y.; Drummer Boy Camping Resort; Gettysburg, Pa.; Lake in Wood Resort, Lancaster County, Pa.; Austin Lone Star RV Resort, Austin, Texas; All Seasons RV Park, Arlington, Texas; Peculiar Place RV Park, Peculiar, Mo.; and Victoria Palms Resort, Donna, Texas.