Black Book reported that the average selling price of motorized units at auction last month jumped by nearly 10%, which equates to roughly $4,000. 

“At first glance, this would appear to herald the reversal of the downward trend in pricing we discussed last month, but looking a little more closely reveals that although the average price is indeed up significantly, the product mix was heavily skewed towards more expensive models,” said Black Book’s Eric Lawrence. “Let’s consider this a ‘developing story.’”

Taking a closer look at the markets, the average selling price for motorized units was $46,539, which is up $3,948 (9.2%) from the previous month. Towables came in at $13,267, down $525 (3.8%) from last month. One year ago the average motorhome sold for $40,244 and the average towable unit brought $11,835.

Auction volume was mixed: motorized was down 10% from the previous month and towables were essentially unchanged.