Black Book reported that RV auction volume continues to grow as the spring selling season takes hold as wholesale activity grew in February.

“Now that spring is finally here, dealers are seeing an increase in floor traffic on their lots and strong interest at shows,” said Eric Lawrence with Black Book. “We have noted an uptick in volume for the second month in a row at the wholesale auctions as dealers continue to fill out their inventories.”

Auction prices are mixed, with motorized units adding a little over $1,500, while towables dipped slightly. “We expect towable values to firm up as the weather continues to improve,” Lawrence added. 

Taking a closer look at the markets, the average selling price for motorized units was $41,846, up $1,688 or 4.2% from the previous month. Towables came in at $12,832, down $203 or 1.5% from last month. One year ago the averagemotor home sold for $47,682 and the average towable unit brought $13,655.

Auction volume was up once again as motorized increase 9% and towables grew 7%. The average age of motorized units was seven years old, while towables were a bit older at nine years.