black book logoBlack Book reported that the RV wholesale market showed growth in August with motorhomes and towables posting gains.

“One of the things dealers and lenders like most is consistency, so this was another good month. Both vehicle segments increased, with motorized units inching up a couple of hundred dollars, while towables jumped over a thousand,” said Eric Lawrence, director of specialty products for Black Book. “However, towable values had taken a couple of unexpected hits in the previous two reporting periods, so essentially, they have just returned to where there were a few months ago.”

Taking a closer look at the markets, the average selling price for motorized units was $39,701, up $278 (0.7%) from the previous month. Towables came in at $11,984, an increase of $1,187 (11%) from last month.  One year ago the average motorhome sold for $40,237 and the average towable unit brought $10,844.

Auction volume was down slightly from July as motorized units declined 2% and towables dropped 3%.