Black Book reported that despite warmer weather, the overall used RV market unexpectedly softened a bit in March.

Auction prices for both motorized and towable units are lower than last month, which is slightly unusual given that March has outperformed February during four of the past five years for motorhomes, and five consecutive years for towables. Interestingly, the number of used units available at auction is up from last month (10% for motorized and 40% for towables) which may be contributing to the lower sales prices.

Taking a closer look at the market, the average price of a used motorhome sold at auction this past month fell to $35,839, down $893, or about 2.5%, from last month’s $36,732. Towables dipped $454 to finish the month at $10,558, down 4.1% from last month’s $11,012.

For reference, one year ago the average motorhome sold for $37,239 at auction, while the average towable came in at $10,646.

The below graphs offer a break down of the towable and motorized wholesale market through March.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 7.49.40 AM