Black Book reported that the overall used RV market was mixed last month, with motorhomes increasing in value, while towables decreased.  However, looking at historical trends, the results fall into place exactly as anticipated: for the past several years motorhomes have increased in May, while towables have declined.

The volume of units sold at auction this month was off a bit, down 10% for motorhomes and 15% for towables, which is not surprising given that most dealers began to stock up on inventory starting in early spring, and are now shopping primarily to replace units as they sell.

Taking a closer look at the markets, the average selling price for motorized units was $40,005, which is an increase of $2,155 (5.6%) from the previous month.  Towables came in at $10,626, down $206 (2.5%) from last month.

One year ago the average motorhome sold for $39,056 and the average towable unit brought $10,628.