Howard and Linda Payne

Howard and Linda Payne

The promotional messages the recreation vehicle industry is providing consumers are migrating to social media sites that provide personal stories involving products in use.

“The power of peer to peer marketing is booming,” said James Ashurst, vice president of communications and marketing for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). “So when we can find influential people who have large followings, especially in the family space, we will pitch them on taking an RV out, experiencing an RV vacation. We have had tremendous success on that.”

According to a Goshen News report, a quick search on the Internet reveals hundreds of such blogging sites. One is RV-Dreams.com operated by Linda and Howard Payne of Louisville, Ky. While they give that city as their home address, they are full-time fifth-wheel RVers who travel around the country. They dropped their corporate careers while in their early 40s and hit the road in their RV. They now speak at RV rallies, hold two seminars/rallies for their followers each year and partner with RV-related companies to advertise their products on their website.

This week they were at the National RV Trade Show in their hometown giving first-hand testimonials about using a new RV water heating system introduced by German-based supplier Truma.

“We kind of gradually began telling about our daily experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly and trying to be very honest with people,” Howard said. “We slowly developed a following of about 3,000 readers a day.”

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