A dozen friends gathered as a gray car pulled into the spotless service center in Idaho. Streamers decorated a new 21-foot travel trailer hooked up to a white pickup, ready for the open road and whatever adventures might await. It was no ordinary customer taking delivery. A little girl’s wish was about to come true.

The Post Falls Press reported that Yordanka Muetzel, 11, likes pink and green — not purple — and says her favorite Disney princess is Tinkerbell. She has six cats, 12 chickens (which all have names), on top of two dogs, a parakeet and a frog named Prince Charming, which she raised from a tadpole as part of a homeschool science project. She likes math and reading. She’d like to have a job like her mom’s, making airplanes.

She also has a condition called spina bifida, which means her spine and spinal cord didn’t form quite right before she was born and has used a wheelchair for the past six years. Her health makes vacation difficult. She wanted to make some memories camping with her family.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, which makes just the right magic happen for kids who’ve been through the wringer, stepped in. With the generosity of Blue Dog and Keystone RV, Yordanke, mom Shannon and the rest of the household will be able to visit family members, go see friends in Utah, camp in the woods or even just hang out in the backyard.

Wish Granter Shawn Langenderfer choreographed the details. The process begins with a conversation with the kids to find out if there’s a special place they’d like to go or something they’d like to do or be. Sometimes it takes a bit of coaxing. Three-year-olds, Langenderfer said, all first say they want to go to McDonald’s.

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