Blue Ox sway bars

Blue Ox sway bars

Blue Ox announced the launch of a new line of sway bars, designed to minimize body roll in motorhomes and improve ride performance by eliminating excessive side-to-side movement in the coach.

According to a press release, Blue Ox’s Sway Bars are designed, engineered and tested for reliability, safety and durability. They are heat treated with a tensile strength of up to 180,000 PSI, have forged ends on all models, come with a lifetime warranty, and our built in the U.S.

Blue Ox President and CEO Ellen Kietzmann noted, “With the addition of sway bars we now have a complete line of chassis performance products that will dramatically increase the ride comfort of most motorhomes.”

In addition to its new line of sway bars, Blue Ox’s Chassis Performance Package includes TruCenter and TigerTrak, all designed to virtually eliminate poor handling in any motorhome.

“We look at this product as taking a stock chassis and turning it in to a high performance chassis,” said Kietzmann. “Used all together, the Chassis Performance Package will make a motorhome drive more comfortably and decrease driver fatigue. Even people that haven’t been comfortable driving a motorhome may feel much more comfortable once they have our Chassis Performance Package installed.”

For more information about Blue Ox’s Chassis Performance Package call the Customer Care team (800) 288-9289), or click here.