Blue Ox announced the production of an upgraded Alpha tow bar with the introduction of the Alpha 2.

Chairman and CEO Mike Hesse noted in a press release, “The value-priced Alpha, built to tow medium-sized vehicles up to 6,500 pounds is fully loaded is now available with the patented, non-binding latches found on our premium tow bars, the Ascent and the Avail.”

The Alpha 2 is currently available for distributor and dealer pre-orders with delivery slated for mid-October.  “We are excited to add premium latches to this popular product,” said Alex Walker, director of sales. “Our customers towing mid-sized crossovers, SUVs, smaller pickups, and cars will be thrilled.”

The BX7380 Alpha 2 is all-steel includes safety cables while the tow bar has a three-year warranty.

“At Blue Ox, we are determined to provide our customers with, easy to use, safety-oriented, towing solutions,” said Blue Ox Engineering Manager Paul Choquette. “The addition of non-binding latches to the Alpha 2 provides our customers with easy and safe tow bar hookups and disconnects on virtually any terrain.”