Kim Bargmann

Kim Bargmann

Blue Ox President and CEO Ellen Kietzmann announced the promotion of Kim Bargmann to the position of purchasing manager. Bargmann, who joined Blue Ox in 1997 as supply chain specialist, reports to Vice President/Treasurer Aaron Rabbass.

“Kim has been instrumental in reducing lead times and cost containment while developing mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers,” said Rabbass in a press release.

Bargmann noted, “Blue Ox is an awesome place to work; it’s exciting to have the opportunity to advance. This job provides me with constant new challenges to test my abilities.” 

She added, “My philosophy has been to purchase a quality product at the best price for an on-time delivery. And since we manufacture all of our products here in Pender, my decisions have direct impact on the quality of our end product. We’re proud to label our products, ‘Made in America.'”

Prior to joining the Pender, Neb.-based supplier, Bargmann was employed as materials manager for a company that manufactured ship-to-ship transfer units for the U.S. Department of Defense. 

Bargmann said, “When I started my career in purchasing a high-ranking officer from the Defense Department came to speak to our company about quality. He said, ‘The products you manufacture could someday hold your child, your sibling, your relative or your friend while at sea. Quality can not be compromised!’ 

“His powerful words left a huge impression on me.  It has become my guiding principle when making purchasing decisions whether acquiring items that will be used to manufacture products for our defense department customers, agriculture customers or RV customers.”