Blue-OxThe Patriot from Blue Ox is an all-new electric-powered braking system designed to provide more sensitive braking performance for vehicles in tow. Instead of the sudden all-on or all-off braking of typical air-compression systems, the Patriot system electronically coordinates with the motorhome brakes to apply appropriate, proportional braking for all tow vehicle wheels, allowing for smoother deceleration and less wear on the brake pads. The Patriot is controlled by an in-coach wireless RF remote with an easy-to-read LED display that provides a manual brake lever and a gain adjustment that can alter the amount of braking. The compact, 15-pound unit incorporates its own battery (recharged through the tow vehicle’s 12-volt supply) to provide consistent and reliable braking. For more information: Blue Ox Products, One Mill Rd., Industrial Park, Pender, NE 68047; (888) 425-5382, www.blueox.com.