unnamedBlue Ox announced the introduction of a new program as part of the 52nd Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., Dec. 2-4. According to a press release, Blue Ox’s Chassis Performance Package is designed to give dealers and service centers an opportunity to increase sales and create greater profits.  

Blue Ox President and CEO Ellen Kietzmann said, “When a customer visits a dealership or service center because they want to improve the safety and comfort of driving their motorhome, he or she might have in mind adding a sway bar or another performance enhancement. This creates an excellent opportunity for the dealer to up sell the customer and offer them Blue Ox’s complete chassis performance package.  

“So instead of selling just one product, the dealership sells three.  This creates more profit in the aftermarket accessory store as well as service department.”

According to Blue Ox, standard motorhome chassis have inherent handling problems: body-roll, tail wag (sway), and poor steering.  These problems contribute to driver fatigue and cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Blue Ox’s Chassis Performance Package virtually eliminates poor handling in any motorhome and includes three basic components – sway bars, Trucenter, and Tigertrak.   

Features include:

• Sway bars improve handling in a motorhome. As a motorhome goes around corners the centrifugal forces push against the side of the rig. The chassis is planted on the ground and doesn’t have much room to move. The top of the RV is not secured horizontally and continues to move as the bottom stays in place.  This force can cause the motorhome to feel as if it will roll over on its side. Heavy-duty sway bars prevent this by improving cornering traction and stability.  

• Trucenter applies the force needed to keep a motorhome on course through buffering crosswinds, uneven pavement, and passing trucks with the push of a button.  It also helps you stay in control in case of a blowout by exerting up to 270 pounds of pressure to keep the coach in its lane.

• Tigertrak fits most gasoline motorhomes and virtually eliminates tail wag caused by long parabolic springs and extended rear overhang.  This is accomplished by tying the chassis to the axle, which keeps front and rear axles in line with the frame and causes both axles to track together.  It’s manufactured with high-strength alloy steel and polyurethane bushings for increased stability that ensures long-life and reliability.

Blue Ox will be displaying the Chassis Performance Package in Booth No. 215 in the North Wing Lobby Hall 2A at the Louisville Show.