Boogey Lights President and CEO Brad Butler

Boogey Lights President and CEO Brad Butler

Boogey Lights already had an established reputation in motorsports accent lighting for motorcycles as well as boats, golf carts, ATV’s, cars and trucks before expanding the reach of its high intensity LED lighting into the towable and motorized RV marketplace over the past year and a half, reported Brad Butler, president and CEO of the Florence, Ky.-based firm.

“Our lights are made specifically for outdoor use in motorsports applications,” said Butler, standing in front of his company’s eye-catching South Wing display during RVIA’s National RV Trade Show in late November in Louisville, Ky. “Everything is made heavier duty, more robust so that it can take a beating that we know these lights will take when you’re in a rig going down the road.”

Butler said his company, founded in 1989, has posted plenty of headway in the RV universe over the past 18 months among dealers from coast to coast with its 5050 LEDs backed by lifetime warranties. “Yes,” he said, “we’re really the major player now in the aftermarket for this kind of outdoor accent lighting. Virtually every competitor we know of has a product that’s designed for indoor use, and they put them in outdoor applications and they don’t last very long.”

Butler, in his second year exhibiting at Louisville, appreciates the trade atmosphere at the industry’s National RV Show and the independent dealers who stand ready to install Boogey Lights for consumers not wanting to deal with do-it-yourself kits or instructional videos.

Heavier printed circuit board materials, hardwired power leads, standard 15-foot power lead cables – custom lengths are available – and remote controller devices capable of powering as many as 2,100 LEDs on a single controller are among the reasons that, Butler asserts, consumers are coming to prefer Boogey Lights that are designed and assembled in the U.S.

“We were in Louisville for the first time a year ago,” he said, “and it was our best show of the year, frankly. And the reason was because the industry guys are looking for something new. And, I can tell you, a lot of the service managers have had a lot of bad experiences with other products because, again, they don’t last very long. They’re the guys who deal with disgruntled customers whose awnings and step lights don’t work. So, we have the solution for these customer.

“So, we’re thrilled,” he added. “At Louisville, we find an audience that understands all that. In fact, when we were just setting up at Louisville this year, we had three dealers come by who had been dealers for us for about six months and had already sold their inventories and were wondering if we’d give them a special deal if they’d commit to more at the show.”