BOSS Audio Systems, a supplier of 12-volt aftermarket audio and video products, announced the launch of a newly designed website.

“We’ve taken the initiative to modernize our branding and product offerings across multiple markets while at the same time strengthening our approach to customer service,” explained Sam Rabbani, CEO and founder of BOSS Audio Systems, in a press release. “For more than 30 years, we have been a leader in the car and truck audio market category. And now with the popularity of the marine and powersports categories and with their significant short- and long-term potential, we are designing even more quality market-specific products that more people can enjoy at great price points. We are focusing on “Plug and Play” and easier DIY installable products with added features.”

“Now, the new bossaudio.com allows consumers an even easier way to both research as well as purchase the ideal audio/video products for their ride, no matter if on the road, lake, trail, or beach,” said Xin Hamilton, BOSS Audio vice president of marketing.

Additions and features of the new bossaudio.com include:

  • Easier navigation.
  • More visually appealing and increased product content.
  • More product and market educational copy and imagery.
  • Robust customer portal for product registration, ticket, and support.
  • Independent BOSS Inside Program, a community space for BOSS Audio users to engage with one another on installation ideas, tips and tricks.