Bowling RV recently teamed with RVM Promotions on a targeted “Find Out What your RV is Really Worth” direct mail program to build traffic and sales during a St. Patrick Day’s event at the Ottumwa, Iowa, dealership.

“We are always looking for new ways to promote our business and when RVM owner Randy Adams suggested a new feature of its direct mail program, we were intrigued, but not sure how it would factor into our event,” said Bowling RV Vice President Randy Bowling. “We were elated with the added sales that were generated by adding a personal URL (PURL) for prospects to find out what the value of their RV was – even if they had no plans to attend the event and had no intention of buying a new RV this year.”

The invitation to “Find Out What your RV is Really Worth” quickly grabs attention as it is strategically placed next to the prospect’s name and address on the mail panel, according to Adams, who recently added the PURL feature.

“It’s very difficult to pass over the invitation to find out what your RV is worth,” said Adams. “Once a sales professional from the dealership calls with the information the prospect is first encouraged to attend the open house, bring in their unit for final evaluation, and they wind up buying a new or pre-owned RV – which was not in their plans that weekend.”

Bowling reported, “Three of the 27 units we sold over the weekend were to prospects who were not planning on coming in for the promotion, but they were curious to see what their RV was really worth,” he added. “The profit from those three sales came close to paying for the entire promotion. We are still working the leads and expect this number to go up.”

“These results clearly validate our innovative PURL program,” said Adams. “Assuming even an above average 3% attendance on a 10,000-piece mailer means there are 9,700 people who, for one reason or another, are not coming in for that particular weekend promotion. It is primarily from this group that we see additional sales from the PURL.”

He added, “Even selling just one unit from the PURL can offset 50% of the cost of a typical 10,000-piece mailer. In Bowling RV’s case, the PURL profits effectively reduced the final cost of a $10,000 mailer all the way down to approximately $2,500.”

For more information and to view an online tour of the PURL, contact Randy Adams at [email protected] or call 386-547-8013.