BRW 20th Anniversary Logo High ResBR Wholesale Inc. announced Friday (Jan. 15) that it will diversify the business and begin to offer third-party logistic services (3PL). These services will be available to manufacturers and suppliers in the RV industry in need of an alternative to the ever-increasing costs associated with warehousing, shipping and receiving, according to a news release.

Trey Miller, president of Marshall, Mich.-based BR Wholesale, commented, “History has shown that companies who incorporate diversification coupled with sustainable growth in their primary business are far more likely to be successful long term. In bad market conditions it is easier to weather the storm when you are not completely reliant on a single product or service. This simply allows us to fully utilize our resources on complementary services, while continuing to be very committed to RV aftermarket wholesale distribution.”

The services offered in the new BR-3PL program include contract and public warehousing, small- product pick-and-pack fulfillment, case and skid-quantity pick-and-ship fulfillment, cross-docking, timely shipping, receiving, delivery, freight and small-package rate reductions and inventory management. These programs can be customized and scaled to the customers needs based on market conditions and the ever changing demand for products. BR Wholesale will initially offer these services in its facilities in the Midwest and Florida. Additional locations will be added as the program expands and the need arises.3PL Logo BRW copy

“I truly feel this is a win-win situation for both BR Wholesale and the businesses utilizing our services,” Miller continued.  “We are able to offer a valuable program to companies that are in need of cost reductions, while allowing them to provide the equivalent or higher level of service to their customers. Our vast knowledge of the industry, the ability to accommodate even the smallest jobs, and by allowing companies to pick and choose the individual services sets us apart from traditional 3PL providers. We have had this program in place, in a test environment, for the last year with a select number of suppliers and the expenses associated with the warehousing, shipping and receiving of the products have reduced by as much as 70%.”

For additional information on the third-party logistics program contact Miller at (800) 900-2468 or [email protected]

BR Wholesale Inc. is a specialized aftermarket wholesale distributor to the RV industry. Supplying products from over 200 brands and manufacturers from a nationwide network of facilities to dealerships, service centers, retailers and OEMs.