Brake Buddy has introduced two new portable auxiliary braking systems, the Classic 3 and Select 3 that imrpove safety and ease of use for consumers, according to a press release.

“Brake Buddy has pioneered nearly all of the major innovations since we invented the portable auxiliary category back in 1996,” said Chief Marketing Officer Mike Williams. “Our redesign strategy was guided by a focus on the key problems experienced by consumers.”

The new innovations, exclusively available on the Brake Buddy3 systems include:

  • A truly universal Quick-Lock clevis allowing for easy attachment to any brake pedal design. The new design works on all shapes and sizes of pedals and is easy to set up.

  • The 3 Series include a new TruFit Riser technology that quickly and easily positions the braking unit in an optimal braking position for safety, no matter the type of floorboard.

  • The Easy-Pull power cord with fully integrated break-away function, creates a simple, “plug and go” connection.

  • Both models now come equipped with patented auto start feature, providing one-touch startup.

  • The integrated pivoting handle makes it easy to carry lightweight units while also making RVs easier to transfer between vehicles or when the consumer buys a new vehicle.

  • Every system comes with a five-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

“In an ever-evolving marketplace that sees towed vehicles change each and every year, Brake Buddy continues to innovate, making the towingexperience safer and easier,” stated Director of Marketing Dan Scheller.