With a 16-month history in the travel trailer segment of the market, Braxton Creek RV is expanding its lineup to target the growing teardrop camper sector with the rollout of its Bushwhacker line, opening up the company to an all-new customer base.

“With an MSRP of just $8,990, the Bushwhacker offers younger, first time buyers—and those with a more adventurous spirit—an easy entry into the camping lifestyle,” said Braxton Creek CEO Jim Jacobs in a press release. “Braxton Creek had a goal for the teardrop product to come in at a price point that would turn heads and get customers who might just be thinking about the RV lifestyle to take a serious look.

“Dealers have been impressed with the quality of all the products we’re
shipping,” Jacobs continued. “That’s been the overwhelming response, and we see this as a true testament to the cream of the crop team we’ve got here. Kent Yoder and I have been around a lot of different production teams over the past 30 years, and this is one of the best.”

VP of Operations Glen Miller added, “With some innovative sourcing methods and an efficient production team, we believe we’ve accomplished exactly that. This product has a strong appeal to a growing segment of the market, from the first timer to the extreme off-the-grid buyers. We also offer an innovative, aggressively priced camping solution.”

The company continues to add dealers around the country and is looking to selectively expand its retail base over the next 12 months.

“Our strategy is to have a limited distribution, and partner with dealers that will truly want to get back to the days where having a rock-solid relationship with your manufacturer was a key component of your business strategy,” said Jacobs. “We’re all about building a great company the right way and creating a win for the customer, the dealer and us. The Bushwhacker is just one more example of our aggressive approach to product positioning, and our commitment to offering the market new, and innovative choices.”