Police in Sunset, Utah, are searching for thieves who burglarized Sierra RV last weekend, stealing thousands of dollars worth of goods while causing thousands more in damage.
According to a report by KSL-TV, owner Jared Jensen said they targeted electronic equipment including TVs, GPS units and stereos, resulting in nearly $80,000 in damage and missing goods. “We’ve been broken into before but never to this extent,” he said.
The break-in mirrors robberies that have cropped up across the country for the past couple of years as thieves specifically go after high-end electronic items.
The incident at Sierra RV occurred late Sunday (March 1) night, or early Monday morning, as burglars cut holes in the fence and ransacked more than 40 recreational vehicles. “They broke windows, bashed doors, tore the cabinetry off walls,” Jensen said.
He said much of that damage means some of his motorhomes are unsellable for up to eight weeks. That’s tough for his family-owned business in Sunset, which employs 54 people.
“It makes me sick, you know. I’ve put my heart and soul into the company,” Jensen said.
Most of the vehicles hit were brand new and belonged to the company, but some were privately owned by people paying for storage.
“Yeah, they felt like I was, except that’s their home. When they go camping, that’s where they live for weeks or months or even years at a time. They’re more upset than I was,” Jensen said.
He doesn’t believe any of his employees were involved, but he’s convinced the burglars at least had some knowledge of the equipment. He hopes surveillance video and tools left behind will provide the evidence needed to catch the culprits.