Recreational park trailer builder Breckenridge launched its first “California Loft” floorplan, so called because it meets special standards set by Golden State regulators.
The new 2006 Breckenridge SEDLT floorplan was previewed for dealers in mid-June during the inagural Thor Fusion, a weeklong open house for dealers hosted by five Thor Industries Inc. companies in northern Indiana.
Retailing for $35,000, the 12 x 38-foot unit features a 50-inch rear loft accessible by a set of stairs. Because of its limited ceiling height, the loft area does not count against the 400-square-foot maximum required of a unit to be classified as a park model trailer.
“It’s about a foot taller than our standard loft floorplan, which is our most popular seller,” said Tim Howard, president of Nappanee, Ind.-based Breckenridge.
Because of the trailer’s overall height – 14 feet, 5 inches – units can’t be delivered to some areas of the country, particularly in the Northeast. “Going west is no problem,” Howard said.
Also new for 2006 is a “Stone Cottage” option in the Breckenridge LE and Breckenridge Loft SE series. Developed in conjunction with the Odyssey Group, Bristol, Ind., the $2,000 option is available in two colors and involves a “stone” effect made from a proprietary urethane foam that is hardened in pre-painted molds. “It’s light weight, hard like stone, easy to install and looks realistic,” Howard said.