The possible rezoning of an unused portion of land on State Road 15 in Bristol, Ind., brought nearly 20 residents out to last week’s town council meeting and right from the start, tensions were high.

Town council president Ron Norman began the conversation by asking the council to table the vote, and council member Cathy Burke asked to deny the appeal immediately following.

Innovator RV had expressed interest in the land near Bristol Canoe and Kayak for a new factory they’re hoping to construct for their line of RVs. The property is currently dubbed R1 residential property, but lies on a floodplain and has been for sale for years. A low price point is part of what encouraged the owners of Innovator RV to request the rezoning of the land to commercial so they could purchase the land to build their factory.

They brought their appeal to the Elkhart County Planning and Development Commission meeting on Nov. 13, where it was recommended that the request be denied, but was still brought to the Bristol Town Council for final review.

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