British motorhome manufacturers are accelerating moves to introduce alternatives to diesel engines – currently the only option available to motorhome buyers in the U.K.

However, while there is growing interest in alternatives to diesel engines, motorhomers are continuing to buy new models in record numbers.

According to an Out & About Live report, sales at the end of 2017 are again expected to smash previous records and exceed 13,400. At the end of October 2017, sales had already topped 12,700.

But, despite the record levels of sales of diesel-powered motorhomes, there is an undeniable backlash to diesel engines and the motorhome industry is keeping a close eye on developments of alternatives to diesel, as well as the introduction of ever-stricter vehicle emissions standards and moves by urban centres to restrict diesel vehicle use.

For example, almost every European country now has some sort of low-emission zone system in operation. Italy and Germany have the hundreds of zones but there are now restrictions on where you can drive from the top of Norway in the north to the Italian island of Sicily in the south and from Lisbon in Portugal in the west to Suceava in Romania in the west.

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