Rasa Camping Pod with a deck.

A British company wants to introduce its camping accommodation option to the North American campground market.

UK timber cabin manufacturer Dunster House Ltd is looking to bring their new version of ‘Camping Pods’ to the U.S., according to a written announcement from the company.

The company is looking to develop trade partnerships with camping businesses or dealers who could bring these new pods across the Atlantic.

Dunster House has successfully developed trade partnerships with distributors across Europe and in the Middle East and is seeing growing international demand for their extensive range of garden and outdoor-lifestyle products.

“We believe that with the right distribution network, we could provide many unique timber built products for the North American markets.” said company director Chris Murphy.

The company’s 7-foot-10-inch by 15-foot-9-inch ‘Rasa Camping Pod’ has been designed to provide an innovative form of accommodation for many locations, which can offer an alternative to the traditional camping vacation.

It is a fully insulated building that with a 12-volt DC off-grid solar ventilation fan to reduce the requirement of interior maintenance through unoccupied periods. Dunster House also offers optional extras to furnish the pods with timber-built furniture and a decking system to provide an outdoor seating area.

Murphy explained, “Enjoying the outdoors no longer requires tiresome hours of putting up a tent. Camping is now easy, practical and enjoyable all year ’round, regardless of the weather.”

To suit the requirements of rural settings, the company also offers optional 12-volt DC solar lighting, a variety of unique cooking stoves and waterless eco-composting toilets for off-grid accommodation.

With factories, distribution and manufacturing sites in the UK, Estonia, Hungary and Poland, Dunster House is an international company with a growing export division reflecting the company’s expansion.

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