Racine, Wis.-based Burlington Graphic Systems (BGS) has donated a new disaster relief support trailer to Samaritan’s Purse International Relief. The completed trailer was shown to the media and employees on Wednesday (April 17) at its Elkhart, Ind., office before being turned over to Samaritan’s Purse drivers Stacy Higgins and Austin Carrothers.

Doug Graham Jr., BGS vice president, RV Group, related, “BGS, as a company, has a giving board, as I call it, and we allocate resources on a yearly basis to specific charities. This happened to be our big charity of choice last year. BGS provided the trailer, contents and the graphic wrap on the trailer.”

The trailer is built to support North American disaster relief work by Samaritans Purse, carrying tools and supplies to help victims return to their homes after disasters along with office space allowing people to fill out paperwork.

According to Austin Carrothers, Samaritans Purse fleet driver and mechanic, with the support of the trailer Samaritan’s Purse volunteers can help, “cut a tree off their roof, put a tarp on the roof, suck the water out of their basement, gut the wet contents out of their home from a flood.”

Stacy Higgins, Samaritans Purse Fleet mechanic, emphasized that all the relief work is provided without charge. “This work is at no cost to the homeowner whereever the disaster is. This truck and the volunteers respond to help a home owner get back to life as quickly as possible. The work is 100% supported by donations.”

“BGS is a faith-based organization. Giving is a big part of our corporate structure,” noted Graham. “Since we are 100% employee owned we chose endeavors (to support). That’s how we share our profits, charitably.

“It’s an incredibly great way to give back and it’s really great to give back to an organization that is going to help people right here in the States.”

Story and photo provided by Tyler Klassen.