Call them the retro-revival spin-off of the “tiny home” movement, the growing interest in simplifying, minimizing and going small. Or call them an inexpensive and easy solution to camping in Colorado’s unruly weather this year.

But, according to the Boulder Daily Camera, business for Boulder-based Colorado Teardrop Campers is surging, even as temperatures soon will be dropping.

The Boulder business is unique; Wiltshire said it’s Colorado’s first fleet of Teardrop trailers, which are so small they can be towed by even a Mini Cooper and they won’t suck a ton of gas. But they still protect from the elements better than a tent; they’re fully insulated and contain a 4-inch memory foam mattress. The campers also come with battery-powered lights, a stove and a French press.

Wiltshire sells the campers, starting at about $6,500 for the basic model, but he also rents them for $75 a night, plus $10 if customers want it fully stocked with supplies.

Wiltshire says the campers are popular among hunters, as well as older campers who don’t want to sleep on the ground.

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