In trying to hone its teeth, a beaver has taken a big bite out of the bottom line of a British Columbia RV dealership by felling a large tree.
The staff at Can Dan RV in Langley arrived from the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend to find the approximately 50-foot tree broken and splintered over several recreational vehicles. The Langley Advance reported that four units were punctured by wood and branches.
Sales manager Gary Dumbrell tried to be philosophical about the incident, commenting it’s an act of God so the company can only contact its insurance company and get on with clearing away the debris.
“We have to pay for the clean-up of the tree,” he said.
The RV damage estimate stands at about $50,000.
Dumbrell did contact Langley City Hall, concerned about other trees adjacent to the RV dealership. At the northwest side of the expansive lot is a fenced creek area where the tree was felled. It’s unclear who owns the fenced area.
Dumbrell said there are other dead trees on that site that could fall on the RV lot.
Dumbrell said there are water courses throughout the area and wildlife whose habitat has been impacted. He is concerned that a beaver could bring a tree down in an area where kids play.
“They should be inspecting those creeks, because they run through residential areas,” he commented.
It’s not the first time the RV staff have encountered an animal.
“We had a cow on the lot last year,” Dumbrell said.
It escaped from a nearby livestock auction and the fenced RV lot was used to corner it, but not before it took a run at the dealership’s accountant.