If the experts are right, the coming summer travel season will be the best in at least four years for RV campground operators, airlines, hotels, restaurants, bus lines, parks, beaches and myriad other businesses, according to Newsday, the daily newspaper for Long Island, N.Y.
Experts credit stronger economies in the U.S. and abroad for the expected increase in vacation travel and say the decline in value of the dollar against the British pound and many other foreign currencies has made travel here more attractive to foreign visitors. One travel agent interviewed by Newsday says her company’s bookings from Great Britain are up by 85% so far this year from last, while those from Germany have risen 55% and from France, 35%.
Meanwhile, record-high gas prices, which are 12% higher than a year ago and expected to rise further, will stop people from doing some traveling.
Liping Cai, director of Purdue University’s Tourism and Hospitality Research Center in East Lafayette, Ind., said of the cost of gasoline, “It won’t be the determining factor for family travel, but it will affect how far people travel and how much people spend.”
At the 200-space Eastern Long Island Campground in Greenport, N.Y., official Marcia Chevlow said, “Our holidays are booked and our weekends in June, July and August are just about gone.”