C.R. Laurence (CRL), a leading manufacturer and supplier to the glass and glazing industry, manufactures a range of frameless van windows approved by Mercedes-Benz for the Sprinter Van and Nissan for its NV.

“Our van windows are designed specifically for the unique structure and dimensions of each vehicle,” said John Labare, vice president of automotive sales for CRL, in a press release. “One example is the very popular Mercedes Sprinter Van, where our frameless retrofit windows provide structure to the sheet metal panel by cinching the outer frame to an inner clamp ring. This design adds rigidity and structural strength, plus the FMVSS approved glass has solar tinting which blocks heat and reduces the effects of UV rays.”

The Mercedes-Benz and Nissan windows are available both with and without vents. The T-vented windows use gear-box opening mechanisms which incorporate a hidden torque bar design. The company said that the design results in “smooth and fast opening action plus positive closing action when compared to older-style scissor type opening mechanisms.”

For more information visit www.crlaurence.com.