The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) announced it has renewed its partnership for 2015 with Southeast Publications, a provider of Guest Guides for RV properties in the United States and Canada.

According to a press release, Southeast Publications will again bring its marketing and sales expertise to augment CalARVC’s efforts with its annual membership recruiting, sales and marketing of its Camp-California! products.

“Through a concerted sales effort by Southeast Publications on the 2014 edition of the Guide, CalARVC was able to greatly improve our efforts in the State,” said CalARVC Executive Director Debbie Sipe. “With their sales force in the field, our message was carried to more of our member parks, increasing our reach and sales to new members not only in California, but as far away as Canada. CalARVC is excited to enter into this agreement for next year.”

“While Southeast Publications’ legacy has been the industry leader in producing the millions of Guest Guides each year for RV properties across the nation, our company is honored to work with CalARVC again,” said Southeast Publications CEO Wally Warrick. “CalARVC truly offers the campers’ guide to California with its Camp-California! Marketing Program including www.camp-california.com, a comprehensive digital package connecting RV properties and businesses with the elusive RVer.”