California’s private RV parks and campgrounds experienced a normal fall and the state’s snowbird parks are likely having a normal winter, according to the latest occupancy survey from the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC).
Conducted in October among its members, the survey garnered 33 responses from “snowbird” parks and 17 of them said the season was shaping up to be normal. Fourteen said it was shaping up as slow.
Meanwhile, 34 parks said their fall business was normal and 24 said it was slow.
As for the summer season, here are some other responses:
• How was the Fourth of July for your park compared to past years? Best Ever, 9; Good, 23; So-so, 11; Weak, 8.
• How does that compare to 2007? Up, 12; Down, 12; Same, 21.
• How was Labor Day for your park? Best Ever, 8; Good, 20; So-so, 15; Weak, 6.
• How does that compare to 2007? Up, 10; Down, 20; Same, 18.
In terms of occupancy, California’s October 2008 occupancy was up 2.2% from October 2007, down 4.2% from October 2006, and down 4.6% from October 2005 figures. The results were based on an 18% response rate from the association’s 387 members.
California’s September 2008 occupancy was down 0.9% from September 2007, down 2.7% from September 2006, and down 3.2% from September 2005 figures, based on 17% response from the members.
Occupancy is consistently highest in the San Francisco Bay Area parks.