CampCalNow Campground and RV Park Alliance are on the brink of securing passage of legislation to ban the use of RV holding tank products that contain formaldehyde and other chemicals in California.

According to a press release, the proposed legislation, SB 317, has already cleared the relevant committees and won unanimous approval from the California Senate. A vote in the State Assembly is expected in the coming weeks before the legislation is forwarded to Gov. Gavin Newsom for approval.

The legislation has strong levels of support in California’s legislature, the release stated. Additionally, the RV Industry Association (RVIA) recently agreed not to fight the legislation as long as the ban affecting chemical RV holding tank products was delayed for one year after the legislation takes effect, according to Debbie Sipe, CampCalNow’s soon-to-retire executive director who has spent years pushing for a statewide ban on chemically-based RV holding products.

“The very serious threat that formaldehyde poses to the safety of California’s groundwater supplies is not going to go away until the state bans the use of holding tank products that contain this chemical and other non-biodegradable chemicals,” Sipe said. “What has changed now is that California’s nine regional water boards have figured out the threat these chemicals pose.

“State officials are aware of several California campgrounds that have experienced septic system failures that took place as a result of formaldehyde-laden waste being dumped into their systems over the past two decades,” Sipe noted, adding that the costs of repairs to the septic systems and cleaning up the ground after septic system failures are considerable.

Sipe added that plenty of environmentally-friendly, enzyme- or bacteria-based RV holding tank products are available today that actually help improve septic system performance and pose no risks to water supplies.