A Nipomo, Calif., group thinks it has the next big idea in sharing economy startups.

The Pacific Coast Business Times reported that the company, RVPlusYou, is a riff off the highly successful short-term rental market tapped by sharing economy darling Airbnb – a business that’s also facing a regulatory minefield as cities start cracking down by levying hotel taxes.

However, Tom Geaslen, one of the founders of RVPlusYou, thinks the company can avoid Airbnb’s tax woes, thanks to a unique business model and accommodations on four wheels.

RVPlusYou developed and operates a peer-to-peer platform for short-term vacation rentals. But instead of connecting vacationers to people with spare rooms or whole homes for rent, RVPlusYou links vacationers with RV owners.

The idea for RVPlusYou started with one of the partners developing an early concept that was geared around tapping the alternative lodging and special events markets. It wasn’t until Geaslen and others got involved that the business model started to flesh out.

The group took the startup concept into a technology entrepreneurship class at Stanford University in an effort to vet the idea and deepen their industry knowledge. The “mock up” company tested well and in the summer of last year, the company launched on the Central Coast.

“We rolled out on Central Coast because we’re already here and it’s an easy area to support,” Geaslen said. “Now we’re targeting other states and trying to nail down partnerships to provide support services there.”

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