The San Joaquin County district attorney’s office dismissed the criminal charges that have been pending against California RV dealership owners Naiel Ammari, Nabeel Ammari and Nazeh Ammari, according to a report in the Manteca Bulletin.
Naiel Ammari, who is owner of Best RV Center in Manteca, said that he is “pleased and relieved that the district attorney has finally dismissed the charges against us.”
The district attorney filed criminal charges against the Ammaris in August 2005, alleging that, among other things, they had committed fraud and embezzlement against four clients who had previously bought recreational vehicles or trailers from their dealership.
The Ammaris maintained their innocence throughout the course of the prosecution, stating that they did not engage in any illegal activities with respect to their customers. Moreover, they contended that the criminal prosecution was inappropriate given the nature of the claims.
“Basically, this case, from the start, was nothing more than a civil dispute between Best RV Center and four of our customers,” said Naiel Ammari. “The complainants believed that (Best RV) was responsible for damages to their vehicles. These types of disputes are normal in any business, but they are normally handled as consumers claims, not criminal prosecutions. I’m relieved that the district attorney recognized the true nature of this case and dismissed the charges accordingly.”
In exchange for the district attorney dismissal of the charges, the Ammaris agreed to pay restitution to the four previous clients, to compensate them for alleged damages that their vehicles and trailers incurred while in the custody of Best RV Center.