Across California, RV parks are increasingly investing in solar energy systems as a way of combating rising electricity costs, according to a press release.

In the past two years, at least seven parks in central and southern California have invested in solar systems that offset their energy costs by 38% to 83%, depending on the size of their solar panels installations.

“RV parks are investing in solar energy to alleviate the unpredictable impacs of rising electricity rates dealt out by the utilities,” said Erik Boardman, who oversees business development for Shorebreak Energy Developers.

The Irvine-based company has developed turnkey solar power systems in more than 240 manufactured housing communities, about 20 of which are RV parks.

Thom Niederkofler, a partner with Pacific Current Partners, whose holdings include Oceanside RV Park in Oceanside, said there are very compelling reasons for RV park operators to invest in solar energy systems.

“Electric utility expenses are one of the biggest line items in our operating budget every year,” he said. “You can make a huge impact on your bottom line by reducing that expense.”

Parks that invest in solar energy systems can also take advantage of tax credits as well as accelerated depreciation.

Carport-mounted solar systems are also very popular among RVers because they like to park in shaded sites. The same dynamic holds true for RV storage sites, Niederkofler said, adding that RVers will pay more to be able to store their vehicles under carport-mounted solar systems because of the shade they provide.

Many RVers also like supporting businesses that are investing in environmentally friendly technologies, he said.