The only drawback to the growing popularity of the RV lifestyle is that a growing number of communities are passing laws prohibiting RVers from parking their rigs near their homes.
While this creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to enter the RV storage lot business, it also is making RV ownership a hassle.
Two San Francisco Bay Area communities, Petaluma and Castro Valley, Calif., have recently joined the list of local governments that are thinking of passing new laws, or amending existing statutes regulating RV parking in residential areas.
In Petaluma in Marin County, local officials might vote as soon as next Monday (Aug. 18) to ban the parking of RVs along the city’s streets, according to the Associated Press.
Petaluma officials would continue allowing city residents to park their RVs on their driveways or next to their homes if they build storage pads.
Similar laws, known as beautification ordinances, have been enacted in other cities such as Del Mar, Costa Mesa and Mission Viejo, Calif., the Associated Press reports.
Meanwhile, in Alameda County, Castro Valley officials are thinking about updating the city’s 15-year-old law regulating the parking of RVs and other large vehicles.
The current Castro Valley ordinance prohibits anyone from parking a vehicle on their driveway that is longer than 30 feet and more than 11 feet high.
Castro Valley officials plan to study the issue for the next few months and they might decide to make their RV parking ordinance more flexible in order to allow the owners of larger RVs to park their rigs on their properties as along at it does not negatively impact their neighbors.
Castro Valley’s ordinance came to light recently when a city resident asked whether it was legal to park his 39-foot motorhome on his driveway.