California continued as the largest wholesale market for motorized and towable RVs during 1999, and the Texas market continues to show robust growth, according to data gathered by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).

California accounted for 9.32% of the wholesale shipments last year, while Texas was No. 2 with 6.65% of the deliveries.

However, the market trends in the two states are heading in opposite directions. California dealers received 13.76% of the shipments in 1990 while Texas was the destination for 5.31% of the deliveries that same year, the RVIA reported.

Meanwhile, Michigan was the third-largest wholesale market last year with its dealers receiving 5.96% of the deliveries.

Canada was No. 4 with its dealers getting 5.86% of the deliveries in 1999, and Florida was No. 5 at 5.19%, the RVIA reported.