The Oceanside, Calif., Planning Commission has recommended a 24-hour limit on parking RVs on public streets, and it has suggested a ban on parking unhitched trailers, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.
In addition, the commission recommended that code-enforcement officers cite any vehicle longer than 20 feet parked within 100 feet of an intersection.
Commissioners acted unanimously earlier this week after listening to two dozen speakers on the subject of RVs on the streets, with most saying that they are unsightly and a safety hazard because it’s hard to see around them. An ad hoc committee of commissioners studied the problem after two previous discussions and recommended either a 24-hour or four-hour parking limit.
George Barrante, chairman of the commission, said commissioners thought a four-hour limit wouldn’t allow enough time to charge and load a vehicle, so they opted for the longer time.
Current law allows vehicles to be parked on the street in one spot for 72 hours.
Residents said the RVs are often moved around the block and parked again.
The recommendation to forbid the parking of unhitched trailers covers all kinds of trailered vehicles, including boats, Barrante said.
Only the City Council can change the ordinances affecting the parking limit, so the commission’s recommendation will be forwarded to the council for final action. No date has been set for council consideration.