The California RV Dealers Association (CalRVDA), the organization representing RV dealers in California, will support the national RVDA Education Foundation’s RV Learning Center with a $25,000 contribution.
“CalRVDA Board members unanimously voted to contribute to the professional and long-term goal of educating our dealership workf orce,” said CalRVDA Executive Director, Skip Daum. “We recognize that we’re in an entirely new era for the RV industry and fortunately the Foundation’s been able to capitalize on technological advances to bring solid training to our employees, which in the long run ensures the benefit of our customers.
“We are so very impressed with the RV Learning Center’s goals and curriculum and the dedication of the industry leaders that we wanted to support them to the extent we could.”
Rick Horsey of Parkview RV Center in Smyrna, Del., chairman of the RVDA Education Foundation, said of the contribution: “We are delighted to receive this incredible amount of support from our state association partners. Members of CalRVDA deserve special thanks for their leadership and commitment to dealership education, and we look forward to working with them.”
The CalRVDA’s contribution is part of an ongoing campaign to support the RVDA Education Foundation’s RV Learning Center. Dealers and their business partners are asked to contribute to the center, which is dedicated to providing dealers and their employees with innovative ways to operate RV dealerships; sharing proven methods and practices; and encouraging the highest professional standards for dealerships of all sizes.
RV Learning Center education programs will include: distance learning; live workshops; online products; publications; and certification for RV dealership personnel.