The California RV Dealers Association (CalRVDA) testified this week against a bill that would have put a “sunset date” on the state’s New Motor Vehicle Board, which would have effectively abolished the board.

According to a press release, after lobbying legislators over the past two weeks and testimony by the California New Car Dealers Association, the state’s motorcycle dealers association and CalRVDA, the bill was denied passage by the Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Policy Committee.

CalRVDA was the driving force behind placing the RV industry (dealers and manufacturers) into the state board’s jurisdiction. RV dealers wanted to have their disputes with manufacturers adjudicated at an in-state forum and by knowledgeable staff and law judges instead of hiring attorneys and pursuing their claims in various superior courts throughout California.

“CalRVDA’s mission is to represent, enhance, and protect RV dealerships and maintaining a visible presence in the Capitol is a significant part of enabling us to achieve that mission,” said CalRVDA Executive Director Skip Daum.