The Camco Manufacturing Inc. Dealer Appreciation Event held in Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 21-22 had the highest attendance on record, according to Keith Cook, vice president of sales. 

“The event attracted more dealers then ever and over 300 orders,” he said. “It was the largest on record in both sales and attendance. This was mostly driven by our innovative new products, especially our Rhino Tote Tanks and ‘Life is Better at The Campsite’ products, as well as our growing partnership with the Route 66 RV Network.”

Mike Voyles, director of dealer marketing for Camco, emphasized the significance of the partnership between Camco and the Route 66 Dealer Network.  

“The Route 66 RV Network represents around 200 dealers,” he said, adding that Dave Francis, director of The Route 66 Dealer Network, was in attendance at the show in support of the one-year-old partnership between the two organizations. Camco’s new custom portal on its website dedicated to the Route 66 Dealer Network along with custom marketing materials and programs were well received by attendees, he said. 

Cook said that Camco’s quality products, competitive pricing and superior service drive the company. “With the success of this year’s event, 2019 is looking bright.”

Cook went over the hot items selling at the show. “We launched our Rhino Tote Tanks in 2018 under our RhinoFLEX brand,” he said. “This was the first time we had plenty of stock, were in front of dealers and had very strong sales. It was validating to hear that this tote tank solved many of the problems that others have because that is what we set out to do. That was really our number one sales item.”

He said the product featured larger wheels with ball bearings to allow faster towing and a ladder rack that mounts the tank to the RV ladder were big hits.

“The way our business is, many times it’s the second or third exposure of a product that the dealer really bites on it,” said Cook.     

Voyles reported the event was held at a new venue this year. Camco rented out the Caney Fork River Valley Grille restaurant in Nashville right across from Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  

“We took all of the furniture out of this big restaurant and had our products on display throughout,” he said. “The place has a catfish pond and a nice fire pit in the middle and we had an open bar the entire event so it was just a real relaxing atmosphere for our dealer customers. 

“The dealers reacted to the new venue really well,” added Cook. “It has a very unique, fun décor with animal mounts and a truck crashing through the wall. It was like Cracker Barrel on steroids.”