Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. has developed a comprehensive training session for consumers interested in learning about the “guts” of their motorhomes, according to a report in the Spartanburg (S.C.) Herald Journal.
The company came up with the concept for “Camp Freightliner” four years ago, offering training sessions several times a year on the motorhome’s platform – the Freightliner chassis on which the essential systems of the vehicles, including steering, engine and suspension, are mounted.
For $100, participants get two days of classroom training and plant tours at Freightliner’s Gaffney, S.C., complex led by Mike Cody, senior service trainer. Cody also travels around the country to train RV dealers, UPS, FedEx and other Freightliner customers.
“We came up with this partially because there’s a need to provide better education for the customers,” said John Claterbos, product compliance administrator at Freightliner.
Freightliner wants its customers to understand their RVs, Claterbos said, because then they can get more enjoyment out of the vehicles and talk about them more knowledgeably.
“It’s probably the best advertisement we can get for our product,” he said.
This year’s sessions – two a month, from now until October – are already full, and for the first time this year Freightliner will do some off-site camps. Cody will travel to Tucson, Ariz., this week for two camp sessions at an RV dealership.
Freightliner said campers come from as far away as California and Washington, drawn by the desire to understand more about their RVs.
Steve Boehmler of Washington flew to Gaffney so he could hone up on his 2005 Alfa.
“This is my first motorhome, and it’s quite complex compared to a travel trailer – a lot of systems and a lot of things to learn,” Boehmler said.