Gary Dempsey, the 49-year-old principal of New Hampshire’s Pelham High School, sat at home aghast over the devastation Hurricane Harvey had wreaked upon Houston.

As reported by the Boston Herald, Dempsey decided to help.

“I called Campers Inn over in Merrimack, telling them our school wanted to send a trailer packed with supplies to Houston. The guy said, ‘I’ll have to check with corporate,’ then called me back an hour later to say, ‘We’re in!’ They provided a 22-foot trailer that has a bathroom, a bedroom, two couches and a kitchen.

“Then I called Enterprise, telling them I needed a truck to haul it. When I told them what I wanted it for, they gave me a beautiful pickup and charged us just $250.”

What began as a school project has blossomed into a community endeavor as this sleepy little New Hampshire hamlet prepares to send its offering of love to the fourth-biggest town in America.

“It’s not just the high school,” Dempsey said. “Kids from all our schools are involved. It’s happening all over town. Someone donated a generator. Someone left a case of bottled water outside my home. I have a friend who works for Reebok; he’s bringing a bunch of kid-sized sneakers.”

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