Highway travelers can now access thousands of RV parks and campgrounds through Mile by Mile Media’s novel new RoadCamping.com format: Consumers simply enter any USA highway number, and a list of campgrounds along that route is displayed.
Among campground directories, Mile by Mile’s RoadCamping.com is the only one providing information by highway number and town name, according to a release from the Canadian company that takes a couple of competitive shots at the existing Woodall’s directory. “We basically built a better mousetrap,” says Mile by Mile Media President James Love. “Imagine you’re driving Connecticut US #5, enter “5,” click on Connecticut, and a list of campgrounds along your route is displayed.”
Love says RoadCamping.com does not charge campgrounds for its listings, which may eventually be converted to a low cost print version.
Love also plans to solicit campground owners to create highway guides for MileByMile.com. In exchange for creating a mile-by-mile travel guide for local highways, campground operators receive exclusive advertising on the online guide as well as other benefits. “Our program has been quite successful with bed and breakfast owners, and we’re confident that many campground owners will jump at the chance to be part of our program.”
Mile By Mile Media produces highway travel and adventure-related web sites which cater to the needs of RV owners, road trip enthusiasts, motorcyclists, and other vacation planners.