After watching her customers wait in line to use the dial-up modem in the clubhouse, Southern California campground owner Cindy Wimbish decided it was time to get a high-speed wireless Internet connection, according to the Orange County Register.
“RVers want the newest, the latest and the fastest,” Wimbish, owner of the 212-space Orangeland RV Park, told the Register. “RVers are very sophisticated and if it’s getting people here, it’s worth it.”
Wimbish is using a technology called Wi-Fi — wireless fidelity — which is being marketed to RV parks nationwide by Kerrville, Tex.-based The Wireless Web. It costs from $2.50 for 24 hours to $21 per month, the newspaper reported.
So far, six RV parks have Wi-Fi, but The Wireless Web co-founder Marlin Jensen hopes to add 225 more RV campgrounds by the end of this year, the Register reported.
“Even though RVs don’t seem like high-tech, it doesn’t mean they don’t spend the money to get on the Internet,” said Abe LaLande, an Orangeland RV Park resident and Wi-Fi fan. “When I was traveling in my RV in 2000, I noticed people were spending thousands of dollars to get cellular modems for their RVs and those aren’t even fast. This is the wave of the future, especially in an RV.”
LaLande helped test the Wi-Fi service this past weekend by walking to the farthest corner of Orangeland RV Park with his wireless laptop, according to the Register.